There was no doubt that there is a rapid digital transformation in organizations because of COVID-19. With the current pandemic temporarily shutting down businesses and locking down transportations, many employers have implemented work-from-home arrangements and placed their training plans online.

While individuals are not able to be somewhere physically at once, it does not mean that they cannot continue their professional development online. When done right, online learning through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) comes with many benefits.

We have compiled the top five key advantages of an effective and well-implemented Learning Management System to organizations below.

1. Help Improve Employee Engagement and Productivity

Learning Management System offers features that enable organizations to integrate social learning. Users can connect with other users to discuss content and share resources. Implementing a customized LMS within your organization can encourage employees to meet development goals and performance while increasing engagement at work.

2. Effective Learning Assessment of Users

With the help of LMS, employers can easily track the progress of an employee doing a certain course. Reporting and analytics tools help to keep track of the employee’s progress and see that they are meeting their performance milestones. Employers can also identify areas of the course where employees are experiencing difficulty or areas where it seems to be easy. Quizzes and tests can also be integrated into the courses easily.

3. Cost Efficient

Organizations can save costs by undertaking an online program with the use of LMS. Not only are your commute expenses will be less, but online courses are also generally more cost-effective as it helps you to save money that you would have spent on hiring instructors and printing materials.

4. Flexibility and User-Friendliness

Learning Management Systems makes it easy for trainers to update existing content or add new content in a short time. This in turn keeps the training program fresh and relevant. A user-friendly LMS makes accessibility a high priority so that every member of your organization can concentrate on the online training content. Employees can fully immerse themselves in the online training experience by having the ability to move through the course content with ease.

5. Centralised Hub for Learning

Learning Management System provides for a centralized source for information and education. The development, training, and content can be offered anywhere, thus allowing multiple users to access the learning tools at the same time. Users are able to access the content efficiently since it is organized in a single system. This keeps all the important data and material stored in one location so that employees would not have difficulties in finding which material is to be used.

All the above reasons make a strong case for leveraging a Learning Management System and choosing the right LMS is crucial to the success of your corporate training strategy. E-Learning is the current and future direction of Learning and Development and it helps organizations create a higher quality, sustainable and effective training experience

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