Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) is an AI‐based biometric authentication mode that does more than detecting a person or a human face. Through ethical implementation, let us take a look at how this technology has brought forth numerous advantages and profits to these five major industries.

Law Enforcement – Heightened Safety and Security

Facial recognition has proven to be very effective in providing additional intelligence in critical security environments including airports, border control areas, and high-security access control situations. Surveillance conducted with the use of facial recognition instead of human efforts can speed up the process of tracking down criminals or terrorists as the system can memorize their faces with higher accuracy and better transparency.

Travel and Tourism – Travel At Ease

Most passports today are integrated with biometric technology that allows travelers to skip long queues and proceed through an automated e-Passport control faster. With FRT, the move has not only cut waiting times at the passport control, but it has also enhanced security in and around airports. Singapore’s Changi Airport, for instance, has integrated the technology into their Automated Immigration Gates (AIG), via the dual facial and thumbprint recognition system.

Hospitality ‐ Faster Check‐In Time

Instead of manually checking in to a hotel, the entire process can now be done in a shorter time by deploying a system integrated with FRT. Hotels that have incorporated an automated system through Facial Recognition and reduced the check‐in time while increasing their numbers of guests. The system involved the use of a mobile app or a standalone kiosk, where hotel guests scan their passports using FRT, similar to those employed at airports.

Healthcare – Improved Medical Services

Through deep learning and face analysis, hospitals can now track their patients’ intake of medicines as prescribed by physicians more accurately. Monitoring patients’ consumption of drugs is beneficial as this trend effectively deters avoidable hospital admissions and the wastage of excessive medical funds in estimated annual costs. Additionally, FRT is also useful in supporting pain management procedures and providing more accurate pain assessments by detection of pain‐associated facial expression nuances.

SMEs and MNCs – Streamlined Business Processes

Apart from implementing a biometric fingerprint system and visitor management system, organizations have also opted for another form of automated attendance management integrated with Facial Recognition Technology. Similar to the fingerprint system, the purpose of the latter is for recording employees’ time in and out at work as well as monitoring their movement. FRT can accurately determine if a person trying to enter a vicinity matches with the database of people who have been authorized to enter.

FRT is a powerful technology that represents the new wave of identity and solutions in a world that is ever‐growing and ever‐changing in its trends. With its numerous benefits, sectors of various industries are now empowered with diverse options to consider when planning for increased efficiency and accuracy.

RMA Infoworks offers Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) that brings immense advantage to both companies and end‐users to meet diverse and ever‐changing security challenges head‐on, all with the intent to help achieve competitive advantage. Leveraging powerful computer vision capabilities and driven by world‐class AI algorithms, RMA’s Facial Recognition Technology solution can be deployed onsite business premises, airports, transportation hubs, commercial centers, shopping malls, and urban locations.

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