Project Name: Contact Services
Client:  Singapore Investment Holding Company

Home to Singapore’s leading listed companies, Our Client is at the forefront of exchanges globally in attracting international issuers and is rapidly emerging as Asia’s offshore risk management centre for international derivatives.

Our Client requires a strong IT infrastructure to continue as one of Asia’s leading exchanges and they need to evaluate their current vendor’s IT support and helpdesk service level.

Our Client conducted a CSS to evaluate its IT support vendor but there was a considerable amount of customers who did not respond to the survey.

RMA was invited to assist in achieving a higher participation rate on the survey and getting a more accurate evaluation result.

We studied and mapped out a phone survey system that corresponds to the paper survey. Training and familiarization course were given to our surveyors. Through our friendly customer relationship surveyors, we call out to all nominees and were able to achieve a 99% completion rate on the phone survey.

The whole phone survey exercise took less than a week to complete and the results were promptly given to Our Client.


  • Our Client has conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) with their customers on evaluating the IT support service of their vendor but there are a substantial amount of customers who have not sent in their survey form yet.
  • The customers who have not responded had no time or find it too troublesome to fill in the survey form.


  • RMA studied the paper survey and mapped out a phone survey system that coincides with the paper survey.
  • Our trained and friendly phone surveyors are given training and familiarization courses with the survey system.
  • Callout to all nominated customers.


  • Achieved a 99% success rate on completing the phone survey.
  • Completed the phone survey and compile the results in less than a week