Project Name: Workflow Automated Appraisal System
Client: Malaysia’s leading banking corporation

In every major banking cooperation, the numbers of employees are large and the headcount increases according to its growth and success.  In one of Malaysia’s leading banking corporations, there is a crucial need for a centralized and integrated system to automate the numbers of employees, especially in terms of keeping track of employees’ work performances.

RMA designated a platform and utilized its workflow capabilities in designing the application with a standard access control structure that is robust with tight access control.  Additionally, RMA assisted in the operation of the data migration process.

Service desk support and maintenance for the e-Performance appraisal system were also provided together with training to key users for optimum use of the system for administration and basic user support.


  • The current design of the appraisal system was rigid, leading to issues such as the inaccuracy of data integration and reporting lines.
  • With the current appraisal system, the Bank is unable to simplify the workflow further to improve process efficiency.
  • There is a lack of mobility to access the e-Performance appraisal system via mobile.
  • The extraction of information for analysis and tracking purposes can only be done manually, causing difficulty in the process.


  • RMA designed and implemented an appraisal system with a user-friendly interface and flexible workflow automation.
  • RMA integrated a search engine and a dashboard that provides quick summary information and analytic report for different levels of users.
  • RMA analyzed the requirement and added new features such as probationary appraisal to facilitate the newly hired confirmation process and performance Appraisal is to facilitate the yearly performance appraisal.
  • Integrated Document Management feature to manage attachments after their document life cycle.


  • The implementation of the e-Performance system caters to multiple devices and platforms for convenience with secured control access.
  • The workflow automation developed has allowed for a smarter, seamless way of tracking employees’ performance and appraisal system.
  • Employees can now track their previous appraisals or prepare their upcoming performance appraisals using their own devices.
  • With the flexibility and user-friendliness of the new E-Performance appraisal system, data integration and data extraction are now automated and error-free.