Project Name: Visitor Management System with Contactless Facial Recognition Technology Solution for Secured Door Access
Client: Singapore’s Largest Senior Day Care, Nursing Home and Home Personal Care Provider

RMA Facial Recognition Solution Panel with Visitor Management System
  • Considering the evolving situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore’s largest senior daycare, nursing home and home personal care provider needed to outsource one of their business process (Visitor Management) to concentrate on their core values and services.
  • Through our partner in the AI industry, RMA was awarded the outsourced process. RMA took over and rolled out Facial Recognition Technology Solution for secured door access and integrated the solution with staff attendance together with its Visitor Management System.
  • RMA also utilized its workflow capabilities in configuring the application with a standard visitor management access structure that is robust with tight access control.


  • The organization previously used access keys and biometric fingerprints to access their doors.
  • This method of access control has several flaws and limitations, such as the security is unable to see if and when someone used an access key to open a door.
  • There is a limitation on monitoring and managing who entered the premises at any given time risking the security of the patients and residents.


  • RMA rolled out a Facial Recognition Technology Solution for secured door access and staff attendance with a thermal scanner for temperature tagging.
  • During the current pandemic, the system is able to quickly identify all people for elevated temperatures.
  • If an increased temperature is detected or a visitor is not wearing a mask, the visitor management system sets off an alarm and denies access.
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