Project Name: Online Survey
Client: Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education’s vision of “Thinking Schools, Learning Nation” (TSLN) was first announced by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in 1997. This vision describes a nation of thinking and committed citizens capable of meeting the challenges of the future, and an education system geared to the needs of the 21st century. With such a vision, the institutes require comprehensive IT infrastructure in place and Information Technology Support for Schools (ITSS) becomes crucial.

RMA was awarded by MOE to be the main survey host for the ITSS CSS (Customer Satisfaction Survey) for consecutive years. We were engaged to customize, create and contain confidentiality of the survey. This survey, hosted on our main servers, provided a highly secure encrypted web application that is capable of allowing hundreds of users to be able to access at a 24-7 activity.

Results gathered from the survey were computerized into graphs and statistical charts based on the client’s request. These graphs and charts were organized and displayed online on a page-by-page basis. The report generated allows trend analysis through comparison with past years’ results.

Through the statistic report generated by the system, MOE was able to evaluate the vendors’ IT support level given to the schools and institutes in Singapore.


  • The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Information Technology Support for Schools (ITSS) vendors (HP and NCS) need to conduct an island-wide survey on all the schools to evaluate the IT support provided by the vendors
  • Notifying, inviting and collecting results from 200+ schools and 2000+ teachers, principals and education professionals
  • Producing real-time statistical reports for management review
  • Mailing the school’s invitation letters, sending/collecting the physical survey forms, manual data entry and collection are too time-consuming and prone to human errors (losing the forms or entry of incorrect data)


  • Proposed an online survey and real-time report
  • Developed a customized survey that evaluates specific attributes on the service level of the vendors
  • Ability to mass email to the respective schools and nominated survey participants
  • Securely hosted the survey and database of participants’ results through industry-standard SSL encryption.
  • Provided first level support to all schools on survey maintenance
  • Developed a real-time report which shows the live results of the survey from the participants


  • Survey participants were able to conveniently participate in the online survey anywhere and anytime
  • With the automated prompt follow-ups from the system, we were able to get more participants to complete the survey and achieve a higher participation rate
  • Reduce cost, effectively lower the time taken to produce the result and accurate results population.